What is possibly the most breathtaking car junkyard in the world is located in Wales. Well, under it.

It’s a slate mine abandoned in the 1960s and is filled in one part with a pile of cars that were pushed into it through a slit in the surface long ago.

Some are crushed, others are in surprisingly good shape, and they’re all tangled up with shopping carts and an assortment of appliances.

It’s not exactly known who put the 1970s-era cars there, but it has been reported that the local town council used the cavern as a dumping ground for a short time, and there doesn’t appear to be any additions in recent decades. (Is this what they did to illegally parked cars?)

The location has been known to adventure explorers for a few years, but a new video produced by Richard’s Reality offers a fresh and haunting look at the find.