Alleged prostitute escapes Wisconsin police at 108 mph

Police in the Milwaukee suburb of Cudahy had no idea what they were getting into when they pulled over a speeder on Aug. 9.

But when they did a background check on the name that she gave them, Latoya Watson, it came up as the alias of Laquita Watson, 27, who was wanted for prostitution and contempt of court.

And then things got wild.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the officers returned to the car to confront Watson and she took off, driving up to 80 mph through residential streets and swerving into oncoming traffic.

Watson then made her way to Highway 794, made two illegal U-turns and hit 108 mph when other units joined in the pursuit.

Watson then exited back onto local roads and continued driving at 90 mph and got away as police gave up the chase out of a concern for safety.

The Journal reported that citations were issued in absentia and mailed to her last known address for driving without a valid license, insurance or seat belt, speeding, and both obstructing and fleeing from an officer. A district attorney will also consider a reckless endangerment charge and a new warrant for her arrest.

Watson’s not the first speeder on the run from Cudahy police. In July, officers pursued, but were unable to catch, another driver on a suspended license that ran from a traffic stop and followed a similar route to Watson’s.

Police were eventually able to find the car, whose owner, Charles Gereaux, told them he’d lent it to “Juan from the block” for $150 for a trip to Chicago. After an investigation into the mysterious Juan turned up nothing, police decided to charge Gereaux instead.