An Austin-area man has been charged with a DWI after driving his rare Ferrari into a ravine.

KVUE reports that witnesses saw 28-year-old James Sidney Allen was driving over 100 mph on Red Bud Trail through West Lake Hills at 2:30 am last Friday when he failed to make a sharp turn. The Austin Fire Department says the car went airborne for 40 feet and flipped through the air before hitting the ground 40 feet below the road.

ferrari didtch

(Austin Fire Department)

There were three passengers stuffed into the two-seat sports car at the time of the incident, but all escaped with only minor injuries.

The 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale is (or was) valued at $358,000. On Facebook the Fire Department said “nothing good” happens when you try to make your limited edition Ferrari fly, adding the hashtag #thisisnotferrisbuellersdayoff, a reference to a scene in the film “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” that ends with a classic Ferrari flying out of a house and into the woods below.