Aliens shill for Chevy Volt in Super Bowl ad

Apparently earthlings aren’t the only ones still trying to get a handle on the Chevy Volt.

Ahead of the big game, Chevrolet has released its upcoming Super Bowl advertisement for the plug-in hybrid on the internet, in which a man in a bathrobe goes out to his garage in the middle of the night and discovers a group of little cone-headed green and purple creatures inspecting a Volt.

Exasperated by what seems to be a recurring event, he tells them, “I’ll say it again, it’s electric, but when I need to go farther it uses gas. Please tell me you understand.”

Just to drive the point home, the voice of Tim Allen closes the ad saying, “advanced technology, really advanced.”

The Volt is what Chevy refers to as an extended-range electric car. After its battery pack has been depleted a small internal combustion engine turns on to generate electricity to power the car. Several other automakers, including Ford and Toyota, are introducing cars this year that work in a similar way.

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After a year of disappointing sales and bad publicity General Motors is in the process of essentially re-launching the Volt, which is now available at dealers nationwide after a slow rollout since deliveries began in limited markets in December 2010. Only 603 cars were sold this past January as the automaker went about re-engineered the $39,995 car to address safety concerns brought about by government crash testing that led to fires in the electronics systems associated with its liquid-cooled battery pack.

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