2013 Chevrolet Camaro 1LE a Mustang Boss 302 Killer?

The Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 was thought to be the obvious rival for the Ford Mustang Boss 302, as history would have shown. General Motors has thought otherwise, deciding that their ultimate handling pony car shall be the 1LE, which will sell for under $40,000 and offer a claimed 1g of handling.

This Camaro is similar to how the Corvette Grand Sport was designed. Engineers have taken some good bits from the range-topping ZL1, and put them into the 1SS and 2SS models to make the 1LE. This includes things like a transmission cooler, short-throw shifter, suspension geometry, fuel system components, 10-spoke wheels, and steering wheel.

Other changes that separate the 1LE to other V-8 Camaros include a switch to monotube rear shocks, upgraded axle shafts for better cornering, uprated front and rear swaybars and a strut-bar. Outside, stylists have forgone a gaudy body kit and instead offer a matte-black hood, front lip spoiler and trunk spoiler. Everything else is plain old 1SS or 2SS Camaro, but only comes with a manual transmission (which will probably change much like the ZL1.)

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All these changes are well and good, but may not be enough to dominate the Boss 302 from its track day, pony car pedestal. There doesn’t seem to be any real weight-savings attempts on the car, something that seems to be essential for a serious track day special. Also there aren’t any engine tweaks to produce more power like the Ford as well. The only thing it seems to do better with is a cheaper price than the Mustang, which starts at $42,995.

Whether it offers a better performance than the Boss 302 will remain unseen until a comparison can be done.

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