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PHOTOS: Life-Threatening Tornadoes Sweep Mississippi, Alabama Late Monday

Multiple tornadoes swept through Mississippi and Alabama Monday afternoon creating widespread damage, The Associated Press.

The life-threatening tornado outbreak Monday comes on the heels of a lethal storm system that killed at least 15 people Sunday evening. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant had declared a state of emergency early Monday before the storms.

"Gov. Bryant just called and is sending additional resources our way," Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton tweeted. "Please stay inside and aware of the weather."

"Injuries were reported in Tupelo, a community of about 35,000 in northeastern Mississippi; and in Louisville, the seat of Winston County about 90 miles northeast of Jackson, Miss., where about 6,600 people live," Mississippi Health Department spokesman Jim Craig told the Associated Press.

Craig said the number and seriousness of the injuries were not known because relief efforts were still underway, the Associated Press reported.

According to the reports, a tornado also touched down in Limestone County, Alabama, Monday, causing widespread damage, but emergency personnel could not report on whether there were injuries or deaths.

Major damage was reported to Winston County Hospital and several homes, according to the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Tornadoes were also reported in the suburbs of Jackson, Miss., including Richland and Pearl, according to NWS. Heavy damage reports centered on both suburbs.