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Travel Resources for Mid-Atlantic Snowstorm

The storm system that hit the Midwest hard Monday and Tuesday is bringing snow to the Mid-Atlantic today. Airports are already feeling the impact of this weather system. Roadway commuters should be prepared to face dangerous driving conditions.

The only way to stay safe from bad roadways during a storm is to stay off the roads entirely. But for some, that may not be option. It's important to know how to drive safely in a storm and also how to check travel conditions in your area.

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Maryland's road conditions can be viewed on an interactive map. Text versions of the road information are also available on the site.

Pennsylvania has a weather impact road map to show where conditions are the most dangerous.

Virginia allows you to customize what kind of conditions you want to search for.

For residents of Virginia, 511 has a site that features a very detailed interactive map that allows users to search for a variety of road conditions.

West Virginia

Travel map provided by the West Virginia Department of Transportation.

West Virginia's travel conditions map shows five degrees of severity, starting with "All Clear" and going up to "Chains Recommended."

New Jersey has a map accompanied by a list detailing which specific road sections are facing the harshest conditions.

For current storm updates and radar images, visit's Winter Weather Center. You can also view flight information in stormy areas by visiting our flight tracker.