Police seek waiter, customer after incident at Texas steakhouse

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 (Fox 29)

A server fired a gun inside a popular San Antonio restaurant during a physical fight with a customer, although no one was hurt, according to police.

The shooting happened about 1 p.m. Tuesday at Little Red Barn Steakhouse.

Crystal Halliday, 28, witnessed the altercation and said it began when a customer complained and then attacked the server.

“He was the one that threw the first punch,” she said. “He was a larger man, so he was on top of the waiter, beating him up pretty bad. I believe he also hit him with a computer that was there at the hostess stand.”

According to officers, the customer was unhappy with the meal or service.

Investigators say the waiter managed to pry himself away.

“As soon as they broke him apart, he was enraged from everything and he got on top of the hostess stand,” Halliday said.

Halliday said the server pulled out a gun and pointed it at the crowd for a moment.

“We ran to the back along with other people,” she said. “We went behind a table.”

Police said the employee fired three shots into the ceiling before running off. The customer also ran off.

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