Mass shooting averted when suspect's gun jams, Florida investigators say

James Cameau.

James Cameau.  (Fox 30)

A gunman who tried to shoot his co-workers at a Florida store Monday slowly approached them in the back of the building, pulled out his weapon, and said, "You better run."

But when he tried to pull the trigger, investigators said his gun jammed.

That may have given his colleagues the time they needed to escape. In fact, deputies say the man's gun jammed a second time before it finally fired. They say he managed to shoot just one co-worker, who's now recovering in the hospital in good condition.

The gunman, 34-year-old James Cameau, had been feeling dejected while working at the Jacksonville Granite store, Fox 30 reports. He went home at his lunch break and returned with a semi-automatic pistol, WFMY adds.

As many as 11 employees were in the back of the store when Cameau approached, Clay County Undersheriff Craig Aldrich said. Once the man's gun jammed, they reportedly bolted to the front of the store and toward their cars.

Once his gun started working, he fired several shots, investigators add.

One shot hit employee Dean Hagins Jr. in the back. Paramedics rushed him to the hospital. Other shots hit cars outside the building.

Investigators arrived within minutes, but they say Cameau had barricaded himself inside a closet where security equipment was stored. Once they found him, they say he'd shot and killed himself.

"A tragedy was averted today," Aldrich said. He said Cameau had been arrested just once before, for driving under the influence of alcohol. Investigators are still looking into why he chose to open fire.

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