Rick Warren Asks Pastors 4 Big Questions Ahead of Easter Sunday

Pastor and author on 'Purpose Driven Life'


In a recent post for his website, Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren offers pastors and church leaders these four questions to contemplate in preparation for Easter Sunday.

1. What Message Will I Be Preaching?

The Saddleback leader understands that while pastors may likely preach about Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, the story can be told in "many different ways and from many different angles." So Warren shares some of the past messages that he's preached on Easter Sunday, which include "Daring to Believe," "How the Resurrection Changed Everything," "The Mystery of God's Plan — What on Earth Is God Doing?" "What It Means to Believe in Jesus" and "How to Be Certain You're Going to Heaven."

Warren also suggests that pastors' Easter Sunday messages be the start of a series in order to hook attendees to return the following Sunday.

2. What Outreach Events Will We Be Hosting?

Egg drops and egg hunts are popular activities that attract parents and their children. Warren encourages his fellow clergymen and women to offer such activities, since they are "a prime opportunity to get unchurched people to set foot on your campus and experience the hospitality of your volunteers."

3. What Do We Need to Improve Before the Big Day?

Warren urges pastors to evaluate their services and facilities, and identify where upgrades and improvements can be made ahead of Easter Sunday.

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