It seems clear now that the attack on a social services center in San Bernardino was indeed terrorism. The FBI still being cautious and calling it only a potential act of terrorism.

It appears Syed Rizwan Farook was radicalized. He is American, but had reportedly been in touch with international terrorists. His wife Tashfeen Malik was a Pakistani woman who’d been in Saudi Arabia and was in the United States on a legal visa.  

Farook’s parents claim they had no idea their son was capable or planning the attack the left 14 dead, and at least 21 injured.

Police now searching for a man who allegedly purchased two military-style rifles and gave or lent them to Farook. Other guns and ammunition used by Farood and Malik were purchased legally by them. The couple had more than 1600 bullets with them when they were killed in a shoot-out with police while fleeing in their rented black SUV. At their home, police found another 3000 rounds of ammo, 12 pipe bombs, and a virtual IED-making factory.

There was a candlelight vigil last night where the names of the dead were read and people sang God Bless America.

The U.S. Senate last night rejected more gun background checks. The nation appears pretty evenly divided about stricter gun laws.

Republicans pushed through legislation undoing much of President’s Obama health care law, and defunding Planned Parenthood. President Obama has promised a veto, and there aren’t enough votes to override his veto.

Congress overwhelmingly passed a five year transportation bill. The $305 billion measure funds roads, bridges, trains and other transport and infrastructure. President Obama will sign it.

Several campaign events to keep an eye on today.

Huckabee has an event at 11:30 in Vermont. Rubio has an event in Greenland, New Hampshire, and Senator Rand Paul has an event in Iowa.

We get a very important jobs report today for November. Analysts expected 200,000 jobs were added last month, and the unemployment rate remains at 5%. The Federal Reserve could base whether or not to raise interest rates on this report. We also get a big OPEC meeting today where the oil cartel could lower production as a global glut continues to erode oil and gas prices. Oil is down 45% this year at six year lows.

Yesterday, the Pentagon announced all combat jobs in the United States were now open to women.

A firebomb attack in Cairo left at least 16 dead at a nightclub.

German’s parliament approved military assistance in the fight against ISIS.

Russia warned Thailand of possible ISIS attacks. Russia has specific intel apparently suggesting 10 Syrians would target Russian targets in Thailand.