Disruptive Spirit airlines passenger refuses to leave, forces whole flight to deplane

A disruptive passenger who was late to board a Spirit Airlines flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas refused to get off, forcing the crew to ask all other passengers to deplane.

Even more bizarre, she filmed the entire ordeal for Facebook Live.

safira allen storyful 3

Allen filmed herself refusing to leave the flight, and she also took footage of the other passengers deplaning when the crew instructed them to "start the boarding process again."  (Safira Allen via Storyful)

Safira Allen, 25, recorded herself being asked to leave her flight on May 1, allegedly for arriving late to the gate, but boarding anyway, reported the New York Post. She also filmed herself telling the airline’s crew — as well as a security officer — that she was “not getting off this plane" before blaming Spirit Airlines for her tardiness in the first place, claiming that Spirit closed the boarding gate 20 minutes earlier than scheduled.


At one point, she alleges that she paid some type of fee to re-enter the plane, only to be told to leave once she was on.

“How you gonna close your airline early, make me miss my flight and tell me I gotta pay again? Once I pay, I get on the flight and they say, ‘You caused a disturbance.’”

However, an incident report provided to Fox News by the Atlanta Police Department says Allen had simply run past the gate agent when she was told she was too late to board. 

In her Facebook Live footage — which has now been viewed more than 3.6 million times — Allen further claimed to have seen another white passenger board the plane late. She then used explicit language to explain this point, before immediately remarking that she doesn’t cuss.

“Y’all ain’t let the n---- on this m-----f-----. They’re gonna have to put me off, because they’re gonna tell me I was cussing. I don’t even cuss. I’m orthodox. So what are you saying?”

She later likened the crew and security to “terrorists” when security asked her to get out of her seat.

“I’m not getting off this plane to negotiate with no terrorists,” Safira claims, referring to the responding officer. “Cause clearly, they’re the terrorists. They’re terrorizing me in my own country.”


Allen also took issue with the airline’s name, saying, “Y’all going to use Jesus’ name, the Holy Spirit? That’s got to change, y’all need to be called something else — y’all need to change y’all name because nothing Holy Spirit about this airline.”

The crew soon came over the loudspeaker to apologize for the disruption, and inform all the other passengers that they would need to deplane so the flight could “start the boarding process again” on the same plane.

“If I can’t go to Las Vegas, Nevada, neither can y’all,” Allen yelled. As passengers disembarked, she shouted racially insensitive language at passengers — greeting some with the phrase “konichiwa” and offering to speak “Espanol” with others — and told several they were going to “hell.”

After the other passengers leave — and after Allen berated the crew standing near the cockpit — a police officer arrives to escort Allen off the plane, as she continues to yell at security and staff.

The footage ends as the officer is asking Allen to put her hands behind her back while on the jetway, but Allen claimed in a subsequent Facebook post that the officer knocked her phone out of her hand, pushed her to the ground, and called her a "black b----."

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The police officer, who identified himself as Officer Baker of the Atlanta police, arrived to escort Allen off the flight after the rest of the passengers had deplaned.  (Safira Allen via Storyful)

The Atlanta police's report, on the other hand, says Allen kicked Baker in the groin in the jetway, and was taken to the Clayton County Jail following the incident. Her Instagram account indicates that she later flew to Las Vegas on American Airlines.

Allen also took to Facebook earlier this week to apologize, but not before commenting on all the new friends she gained as a result of the video.


“I apologize if I inconvenienced anyone on that PLANE! But at the same TIME! I am standing up for people who have to deal with companies ripping them OFF and Making you the Suspect; when you Paid for their services.”

Spirit Airlines was not immediately available to comment for Fox News.