This hotel room might be good for your health

stay well room

 (Courtesy MGM Grand)

Health-obsessed jet-setters can now pay to stay in a “wellness” hotel room.

For an upcharge of about $30 a night, select Marriott and MGM Grand hotels in America are offering “Stay Well” hotel rooms decked out with vitamin C-infused showers (for healthier hair and skin), organic mattresses and anti-microbial countertops so you can supposedly breathe easier.

“I spent about 18 years on Wall Street,” Paul Scialla, creator of the Stay Well concept, told CNN. “I took note of the sustainability movement in real estate, and wondered why most of the dialogue was surrounding the environmental impact, and not enough on the human condition: our cardiovascular health, respiratory health, cognitive health, what have you.”

The suites also contain spa amenities like air purifiers, circadian mood lighting and aromatherapy. Guests can also use the Stay Well app, which has a meditation-training podcast.

These aren’t the first wellness-focused hotels. In 2012, InterContinental Hotels Group launched a health-conscious hospitality chain called Even, which provides nutritious menu items and boutique gym-style workout classes.

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