Copa America Centenario will skip extra time, go straight to penalties in quarters, semis

Copa America Centenario will use the same rules as the regular Copa Americas, which means that extra time will only be played in the final. For the quarterfinals and semifinals, matches that are tied after regular time will go straight to penalty kicks.

Most competitions use extra time in all knockout matches. Teams play two 15-minute extra time periods in their entirety and only if the match is still tied after those 30 minutes will the matches go to penalty kicks. Copa America traditionally skips the extra time phases in the quarterfinals and semifinals and will do the same for their Centenario tournament.

Unsurprisingly, Copa America features plenty of shootouts as a result. Last year, two quarterfinals went to penalty kicks, while the 2011 tournament had two shootouts in the quarterfinals and one in the semifinals.

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Skipping extra time is odd, but it might prove to be beneficial for this tournament. As is the case with all summer international competitions, teams will be asked to play a lot of matches in a short period of time. Combine that with the hot temperatures that are common around the U.S. in June and asking players to go 120 minutes on short rest might be a little much.

If the final is tied after regular time, they will play the traditional extra time, with penalties coming after that if the match is still tied.

In addition to the extra time rule, tournament organizers also released the yellow card rules for Copa America Centenario. Any player that receives two yellow cards in the group stage and quarterfinals will be suspended for a match. The slate will be wiped clean after the quarterfinals so the only way a player can be suspended for the final is if he earns a red card in the semifinal.