Clinton foreign policy record scrutinized after ISIS attack

Days before President Obama said sending troops into Syria to fight the Islamic State would be a "mistake," Hillary Clinton once again cast her past support of military intervention in Libya as a humanitarian effort.

Her comments came during the Democratic debate Saturday evening, when she faced additional questions about her push for a policy that ultimately left a Middle Eastern country in chaos.

Pulled left by a progressive challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders and confined by President Obama's refusal to ramp up military engagement, which he reiterated Monday at the G20 Summit in Turkey, Clinton argued during the debate that military force should be a "last resort" in Syria, despite her stated desire to depose Syrian President Bashar Assad.

That precarious positioning on Syria mirrors the stances she has been forced to take on Iraq and Libya, given that she presided over the widely-criticized withdrawal of American troops from Iraq in 2011 and previously proclaimed "ownership" of the U.S. policy in Libya that left a vacuum in the wake of Moammar Gadhafi.

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