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NEW AIRLINE OUTRAGE: American Airlines flight attendant has confrontation with a mom holding a baby


On average, ICE officers get assigned 10K deportation cases per day!


Chicago approves new plan to hide illegal immigrants from the feds, plus give them access to city services


The Rundown

1st hr

  • De Blasio responds after Sessions says NYC is soft on crime

    President of the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association Ed Mullins weighs in

  • Plus, are flight attendants always to blame for plane disruptions?

2nd hr

  • Are the Democratic Party's attempts at unity working?

    The Woodhouse brothers are here to debate

  • Janice Dean opens up about where she's been for the last 2 months

3rd hr

  • We're joined by AG Jeff Sessions

  • And, meet a police officer who spent his lunch break playing hopscotch with a little girl

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