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On the Fourth of July, Operation Freedom 2015 provides comfort to our troops by serving a slice of home to deployed U.S. military service members in Afghanistan and other conflict regions in the Middle East.

Most of the troops we serve are stationed at Forward Operating Bases in active war zones, and have been only eating...

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The Short Story

We are creating a documentary about this incredible PE program.
We expect to use this documentary to create a national discussion about this program and the state of PE in public schools.
We plan to bring back this program to our schools.
We need your help. Please share this message. Please donate now. 

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'300 Sandwiches' Couple Shares Recipes

How it all began: Turkey and Swiss on Country White
The Beginning

2 oversized slices of country white bread
4 slices of turkey
2 oz. dijon mustard
2 leaves of bibb lettuce
1 slice swiss
Key here…toast the bread. Toast until crunchy, but not too stiff that it can’t absorb the mustard. Layer with generous spread of dijon mustard. Then blot dry the...

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Brad Meltzer: The Truth about Protecting the President

It's hard to protect the president. That's not an excuse; it's a reality. I write thrillers for a living and have done research with members of the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and even U.S. presidents. What have I learned? Some things just can't be protected against.

Remember when George W. Bush was sitting in the White House and almost choked on a...

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