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Apple is fighting against a court order that requires them to hack into a phone linked to the San Bernardino terrorist attack, and Donald Trump is not having it.

“There's something going on [in this country]. We have to be very careful. We have to be very vigilant. But to think that Apple won't allow us to get into her cell phone— who do they think they are?  No, we have to open it up.”

The tech giant isn’t budging on their stance despite pushback from many public officials.  CEO Tim Cook released a statement saying, “We have great respect for the professionals at the FBI, and we believe their intentions are good…. But now the U.S. government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create. They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone.”

Cook argues the technology needed ‘threatens the security of [their] customers.’ Trump, on the other hand, presses the issue of national security.  He said, “I agree 100% with the courts.... This is a case that certainly we should be able to get into the phone. And we should find out what happened, why it happened, and maybe there’s other people involved. And we have to do that. ”

What do you think? Should Apple comply with the court’s order?