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Hillary in '08: Stay in Senate or Run for President?

While Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton (search) and Republican Rudolph Giuliani are their party's top picks for the 2008 presidential nominations, both remain highly polarizing figures, according to a national poll released Friday.

Forty percent of Democrats polled said they favored Clinton, the New York senator, for the party's nomination while 18 percent opted for Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the loser of the 2004 presidential race.

Hillary in '08: Stay in Senate or run for president? Click here to vote!

A sample of your responses:

If Hilary ran as a Republican, she might have a good chance, but running as a Democrat, it will only embarass her party and this country.

Jeffrey B.

If she just waddled off into the sunset, and took Oprah with her, it would probably be the best for everyone.

Sam C.

Sibley, IA

Hillary should stay home and "bake cookies" ... she has done nothing for New York state ... esp. upstate. One Clinton in the White House was enough!

Mary C.

Remsen, NY

I think Hilary should run for president. Can you imagine a woman in charge? I think a change is what this world needs.

Janadean M.

London, England

I don't know about you, but I have seen enough of President Hillary Clinton. She has ruled once while her husband played. They both have both proven they lack integrity and would do anything including lying to serve their needs, desires, etc.

Been there, done that and did not get the tee shirt and don't want one!

Paul W.

Why not put a woman in the White House? Women have always been the background leaders in most families and the supporters of their husbands. I think it is time women stepped into the front of the world instead of standing behind the men. I grew up in a family — and the majority of the people I know did too — where the mother controlled finances as well as peace in the group.


Mike J.


Christopher J.

Saddle River, NJ

I think that she's the darling of the moment because she's a household name. This happens the year after every election. In the end, people tend prefer someone who has served as a governor as this position is a better indication of how they would serve as the chief executive, than being a senator or representative.

Darrell G.

Concord, NH

I think Hillary should run for president ... of France!

Mark J.

Russellville, AR

I say Hillary should stay in Senate and have Kiran Chetry run for president.

Dan J.

Manhattan, KS

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