Sex column: Benefits of cybersex for long-distance relationships

Practicing cybersex with your partner pushes you to claim out of your comfort zone and get creative


Distance stopped being an impediment for couples to form stable, loving relationships. In this modern dynamic world, people travel thousands of miles across the globe every year to spend time with their partners. They become experts on travel deals, credit card miles and getaway trips. And when they don't, technology plays a huge part on maintaining long-distance relationships vibrant and passionate. 

Here are the main reasons why virtual sex, a.k.a. cybersex is a great tool for LDRs.

It keeps you connected

Sweet text messages, thoughtful birthday presents and long conversations are all very sweet and definitely help strengthen the relationship between two people who are away from each other. However, besides being friends, romantic relationship includes the element of sex. Most people’s libido won’t be satisfied with having intercourse every two or three months, so having a way to sustain that sexual connection is very important.

It will help you avoid frustration

Whether you are going to be apart for a month or half a year, there is a lot of frustration that can come from not having regular sex. To avoid this damaging feeling, couples should resource to web cams and chats to keep things spicy in the sex department. Being apart is a great opportunity to explore new sex paths.

It feels like the real deal

As mentioned on Lovense, when done correctly virtual sex can feel as good as the real deal. Both people need to be comfortable being in front of the camera and remember that it is their loved one on the other end. A small display of strip tease or simply following your partner’s directions can definitely turn into a pleasurable experience for both.

It comes in many forms

If either of you, or both, doesn’t feel entirely comfortable being sexual in front of a camera, you can cross out Skype and go for a more traditional and discrete method: phone sex or sexting. According to a column posted on Men’s Fitness, it is very important to find a place where you can be completely comfortable and sure you won’t be interrupted. Since there is no image per se, this kind of sex requires detailed description, dirty talk and a great imagination.

It will reinforce your creativity

Often times, couples get lost in the dynamics of their everyday lives and forget how important it is to keep things interesting and fresh in their relationship. Sex is no exception, and practicing cybersex with your partner pushes you to claim out of your comfort zone and get creative. It is a great opportunity to explore things you might be to embarrassed to try otherwise, or rehearse them for when you finally get together in person.

It is not exclusive for LDR

People in long-distance relationships are not the only ones who can benefit from virtual sex. As a matter of fact, any couple can access the tools technology provides to further explore sexual possibilities with their partner, simply as a form of keeping things passionate and interesting.

Trilce Ortiz is a sexpert and love advisor. Follow her on twitter @trilceo.

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