Is Your Favorite Coffee Chain Closing?



Bad news is brewing for picky coffee drinkers: The Minnesota-based Caribou Coffee Company is planning to close 80 stores, while converting 88 others into Peet's Coffee & Tea locations in the coming months.

As the Chicago Tribune reports, this deal came about as part of an agreement between Caribou Coffee and Joh. A  Benckiser, a German investment firm that currently owns Peet's. But that previous information certainly seems trivial to Caribou's loyal customers, who will soon have to settle for a competitor's cup of joe. (The 88 stores to be converted into Peet's locations are said to be in Washington D.C., Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Illinois and Wisconsin, according to the Associated Press.)

We, too, have been thinking about our own coffee habits, and we're not sure what we'd do if our favorite shop closed its doors. What about you? Where do you get your morning fix?