Scott Eastwood says he struggled in Hollywood despite being Clint Eastwood's son

It’s not always easy being the son of a Hollywood icon – just ask Scott Eastwood.

The 31-year-old, whose father is Clint Eastwood, told Yahoo’s Be on Monday he had to put in the hard work just like any other struggling actor hoping to be recognized for his talents.

“It’s hard. Hollywood’s a tough place,” explained Eastwood. “[Because] there’s so many great actors out there and there’s so many talented people, but it’s a lot of a number’s game.

"You’ve gotta just keep going on auditions. You’ve gotta keep going and keep trying and I did that for years and years. It’s tough. It can be discouraging.”

And despite the patriarch’s lasting success in the film industry, Eastwood insisted he was offered zero perks to successfully make a name for himself.

Instead, Eastwood had to go on auditions just like anyone else, as well as maintain several part-time jobs to earn a steady paycheck.

“Did I know anything about the industry really? Not until I started working on it,” he said. “Not until I had to go and bartend, and valet park cars and work construction while I auditioned for films. Then you know what hard work is to get into a film and try to be an actor.”

However, Eastwood’s efforts have paid off. Eastwood has been staying busy appearing in numerous films since 2006 and he just completed an upcoming sci-fi flick titled “Pacific Rim Uprising” opposite “Star Wars” actor John Boyega.