Washington Post sidelines reporter who participated in secret meeting with liberal billionaire George Soros

Fox News has confirmed that Washington Post reporter Janell Ross was placed on leave after speaking at a top-secret meeting of liberal leaders last November, where Democratic donors including billionaire George Soros outlined the future of their progressive agenda.

Ross’ verified Twitter account has been silent since Dec. 1 and the paper hasn’t published a story from her since Nov. 29, a week after she was outed as a participant at the Democratic Alliance. Citing “two people familiar with the matter,” CNN first reported that she was placed on leave and that her “return to the Post is viewed as unlikely.”

Back in November, a Post spokesperson told the Washington Free Beacon that Ross took part in the California event “without notifying her superiors that she would be attending.” 

The Democracy Alliance, which hosted the event, bills itself as “the largest network of donors dedicated to building the progressive movement in the United States” on the group’s official website. The liberal group also claims to “play a leading role in fostering the infrastructure necessary to advance a progressive agenda” in the United States.

The group intended to keep “the identities of its members and guests confidential,” according to the Beacon, but the paper obtained a “detailed conference agenda that lists both events and featured guests.” One of the surprising guests was Ross, who used to pass as a somewhat impartial reporter for the prestigious Post. While the paper’s slogan is, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” she apparently wanted to keep her bosses in the dark about attending the liberal planning session and hanging out with prominent Democratic donors such as Soros.

According to the agenda published by the Beacon, Ross’ panel aimed to help the liberal attendees get “the economic narrative right" and was immediately followed by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) speaking about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Members of the secretive liberal group who attended the shady presentation each promised to donate at least $20,000 to advance its left-wing agenda. The session was part of a three-day conference at the luxurious La Costa Resort located in Carlsbad, Calif., last November, where the group plotted their 2018 "resistance" and game plan, according to the Beacon.

A quick glance at Ross’ archive page on the paper’s website reveals her agenda. One headline lumps President Trump into the same category as O.J. Simpson, while others touch on issues of race and gender discrimination. She covered the 2016 presidential election closely, but the majority of her stories appear to be anti-Trump in retrospect.

It is not clear when she was placed on leave or if a decision has been made about whether or not she will return to the paper. A Washington Post spokesperson declined comment. 

Brian Flood covers the media for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter at @briansflood.