'Deadpool 2' set photo shows the return of a fan favorite character

Ryan Reynolds is back in action on the set of the highly anticipated sequel to “Deadpool.” Now, the actor is teasing the return of one of the best characters from the original to all of his fans that are eagerly awaiting any news out of the “Deadpool 2” camp.

It was hard to watch the first “Deadpool” movie without taking notice of his foul mouthed blind roommate, Blind Al. Played by actress Leslie Uggams, Blind Al worked as a perfect companion to the Merc with a Mouth as she was unable to see the hideous scarring that served as the driving force behind his actions in the 2016 hit. Now, fans were given their first look at her return in the sequel.

Reynolds first posted the photo to his Instagram account with the joking caption, “Spent another day with this beautiful lady. Just lost in each other’s ears.”

Uggams soon posted the same shot to her Facebook page.

Plot details about the upcoming film are incredibly scarce. However, it looks like Blind Al is still living in the same apartment the duo shared in the first movie. As to whether or not Wade still pays his share of the rent, it’s unclear after getting back together with his girlfriend in the first film.

All that is known for sure about the upcoming “Deadpool” sequel is that Josh Brolin will take on the role of the famed comic book character Cable. According to Deadline, the character first appeared in the 1986 “Uncanny X-Men” series and has since brushed up against the comic book version of Deadpool several times.