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How bad is Kim Kardashian's silence for business?

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The most famous of the Kardashian sisters, Kim, has more than double the Twitter followers of her sisters and nearly 10 million more Instagram followers than the second most popular of the bunch, sister Kylie Jenner. The Kardashians famously get paid for sponsored posts on social media and Kim frequently cheers on her sisters’ side projects on social media.

Kim K has been silent on social media for more than three weeks. The reality star is "taking some much needed time off,” according to a message on her app, after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris on Oct. 3rd. But experts say Kim’s unprecedented absence from social media could be affecting the Kardashians’ bottom line.

Derrick Daye, managing partner with The Blake Project, told FOX411 Kim Kardashian’s move is affecting her family’s brand. The starlet historically posted on her social media accounts on a daily basis.

“The damage of this silence could be measured in the hundreds of thousands depending on the contracts she has in place...” Daye said, adding that any “new opportunities she is missing because of her silence” is harder to quantify.

Krishna Subramanian, co-founder of Captiv8, also estimated that the most-famous Kardashian sister is missing out on six-figure paychecks.

“Depending on how frequently she would be posting, she would be giving up that revenue. If she was someone who was doing a sponsored post on a weekly basis that could be $300,000 a week,” he said.

However, Subramanian insisted Kardashian’s silence is not losing her any fans as of yet.

“When you look at someone like Kim Kardashian who has the star power, not posting for a few weeks is not going to do anything to her audience,” the brand expert said. “They are still going to be as loyal as ever. When she comes back and starts posting again, I don’t see that hindering the family’s wealth in any ways.”

Daye countered that Kardashian’s silence could lead to negative rumors that have the potential to affect her family’s brand.

“In times of crisis, brands that stay silent allow competitors, the media and others to shape the narrative,” he said. “In Kim's case that can impact all brands that have an association with her and it can be negative. Beyond obvious missed business opportunities, Kim misses out on what could be an overwhelming amount of support in working through the crisis.”

But Ryan McCormick, of Goldman McCormick PR, suggested Kardashian’s silence may be a smart move.

“The longer Ms. Kardashian goes without posting on social media, the bigger the anticipation will be from both followers and non-followers about her first statements since the incident,” he suggested. “In the long term, Ms. Kardashian should be fine however, no one knows if how much (if at all) she will be willing to share her personal life on social media.”

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