Russia slams Western support for Ukrainian opposition, says it's inciting violence

Russia's foreign minister has slammed Western support of Ukraine's opposition, suggesting it's leading to the escalation of violence.

Ukraine has faced two months of major protests that started after President Victor Yanukovych backed off an agreement to deepen ties with the European Union in favor of Russia.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Saturday told a gathering of the world's top diplomats and defense officials: "we have seen excessive use of force from the security forces in Ukraine."

But Russia's Sergey Lavrov says the West is inciting "increasingly violent" protests.

"Why don't we hear condemnations of those who seize and hold government buildings, burn, torch the police, use racist and anti-Semitic and Nazi slogans?" Lavrov said.

"Why are so many prominent European politicians actually encouraging such actions?"