Russia says it will deploy new railway-based intercontinental ballistic missile

The Russian military says it's developing a new intercontinental ballistic missile mounted on a railway car.

Col. Gen. Sergei Karakayev, the chief of the military's Strategic Missile Forces, said in remarks carried by Russian news agencies Wednesday that the new weapon will be much easier to camouflage than its predecessor. The Soviet-designed railway missiles were scrapped in 2005.

Karakayev said that the Yars missile intended for the project could be put inside a regular refrigerator car unlike its predecessor, which required a heavier and bigger car that could be detected by enemy intelligence.

Missiles hidden inside railway cars are far more difficult to spot and destroy compared to other land-based missiles.

The Kremlin has vowed to develop new types of weapons in response to U.S.-led NATO missile defense in Europe.