Sex for ticket dismissal lands officer in prison

A former California Highway Patrol officer convicted of dismissing a speeding ticket in exchange for sex has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Superior Court Judge Lia Foster on Friday sentenced 53-year-old Abram Carabajal for perjury and receiving a bribe, giving him a harsher sentence than the Probation Department recommended.

Prosecutors say Carabajal asked a traffic court judge to dismiss the case against Shirrin Zarrindej because he had not received the subpoena for her ticket.

He and Zarrindej later met at an Oceanside motel for sex.

Zarrindej was acquitted of subornation of perjury and bribery.

During the trial, several women testified Carabajal had given them his cell number after writing them tickets, offering to "work something out."