Police K-9 Ranger following in father Jozek's paw prints

A Pennsylvania police officer is following in his retired father's footsteps -- all four of them.

The New Castle News reported a 3-year-old German shepherd named Ranger is picking up where his father, 11-year-old Jozek, left off. Ranger will be a K-9 officer with the police department in Ellwood City, a borough 35 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

Jozek retired his badge on Monday. He had assisted in 64 apprehensions, 43 building searches, 174 drug searches and dozens of other tasks and demonstrations since joining the police force in 2007. The dog is responsible for seizing illegal drugs, nearly $30,000 in cash, five vehicles and 14 illegal guns.

K-9 handler Sgt. Michael McBride bred Jozek to keep the K-9 program alive and to get a free replacement for him.

Ranger was born in July 2012.