Houston park worker gets canned after building train for park

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A Houston park worker was axed after he built a 40-foot-long wooden train at a park without board approval.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Paul Carr spent $4,500 on the structure as a Christmas gift to the children in the area.

Carr, who worked for decades in the area a civic leader and firefighter, told the paper that he purposely kept the train plans quiet because it would have been difficult to get the OK from the Houston Heights Association.

"But everybody likes it now," he told the paper.

The park's operator, however, said Carr deliberately disregarded the rules when he didn't ask for permission to build the train.

"We do believe Paul's heart is in the right place, but no one may do whatever he or she pleases with someone else's private property, regardless of his or her long-term tenure or affiliation with this organization," the group reportedly said.

The group said it will spend about $6,000 to make sure the train is in compliance with safety regulations.