70-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Allegedly Stalking Priest in Florida

Police have arrested a woman who, officials said, has been stalking priests in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.

The arrest came after Father Edward Konopka, 93, of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Coral Springs, Fla. said he has been the victim of a stalker, 70-year-old Dorothy Jones Scalise, Fox7News reports.

Father Konopka said, Scalise has been known to pester several other Catholic priests around the area and she frequently gets tossed out of Catholic churches.

"She would go to the organ and take over the organ, or she would sit in the second or fourth pew and make monkey faces," Konopka said.

The retired priest said he fears the 70-year-old woman. "She's getting ready for something to end this thing," Konopka said. "She's been in every parish on University and kicked out of the parish. They carry her out like a sack of potatoes. Between us, she's out to do something, this is the end."

Konopka added that he would have to avoid Scalise, as he exited his apartment in the mornings. "[She] would sit on that second or third step with a pot of coffee and Dunkin Donuts waiting for me to come out to her. Three to four times a week, and sit on those yellow stones over there and just taunt me."

Neighbors said they have seen the woman in the area acting erratic. "She used to come here with a wig, and she used to scream and carry on," Sandra Jarvis said.

Bond court Judge John Hurley ordered a psychological evaluation of Scalise. "You are not allowed to come within 500 feet of St. Elizabeth or Father Konopka, do you understand that?"

The 70-year-old woman responded, "Your honor, the pleasure is all mine."

Scalise was released to home confinement Friday after she was charged with misdemeanor stalking.

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