WaPo goofs, puts male symbol on cover about anti-Trump women's march

If you thought your Thursday wasn’t going well, spare a thought for the design team at The Washington Post’s “Express” – the paper's free daily edition -- who managed to make a front page gaffe for the ages.

The Express’ cover story was on the Women’s March on Washington – an anti-Trump protest planned for the day after Inauguration Day. With a headline of “The modest start of a massive march,” the glitzy cover featured an image of a gender symbol made up of marchers.

Only it was the wrong gender symbol. Someone on the team apparently mixed them up, using the male instead of the female icon.

The image quickly went viral.

Express eventually deleted its tweet publicizing the cover, and quickly apologized.

They also showed how the cover was supposed to look, and later added that a corrected image will be distributed in its print edition on Friday.