Read: Jeff Sessions' farewell message

Below is outgoing Attorney General Jeff Sessions' farewell message to employees: 

Department Employees:

Please see the below farewell message from Attorney General Sessions.


Service in the Department of Justice is not just a job—it is a calling to public service at the highest standards of professionalism.

We are the top law enforcement agency in the country—and, indeed, the best in the world.  We are also the top litigator on behalf of the American people.

We have the most fundamental and the most sacred task of government: to secure the equal rights of the citizens of this country.  Every other initiative of government depends upon us doing our jobs successfully.

To have led a Department like this goes beyond anything I ever would have thought possible.  If you had told me when I was starting out as a young Assistant United States Attorney that I would ever serve as Attorney General, I don’t think I would have believed you.

But what I’m proud of is not a title or a job.  What I’m proud of is this Department—the 115,000 people who work together to pursue our goals.  What I’m proud of is you.

When I took office as Attorney General I stated our goals are to reduce violent crime, reduce homicides, reduce opioid prescriptions, and to reduce overdose deaths.  There are signs that we are already achieving all four of these goals.

We have also broken Department records for violent crime, firearm, and illegal immigration prosecutions.  We have increased drug and white collar prosecutions.  We have reached an amazing level of productivity and sophistication.

These accomplishments are your accomplishments—products of your work.

Over my nearly 16 years in this Department, it has been an incredible honor to work with people who day after day and year after year consistently exceeded expectations.  That is just the standard we hold ourselves to here.

No matter what your role at the Department and no matter what your task, I hope that you will remember that you are helping us in our mission to protect the American people and the rights we hold dear.

I am grateful to have served with people of your caliber and may God bless you and your families in all you do. Keep improving, getting better and more productive.


Jefferson B. Sessions III