ObamaCare has at least one big fan, and he’s in … Iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced plans Wednesday via his English language Twitter account to emulate President Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act. And he even paid homage to his American counterpart.

Many of Rouhani more than 170,000 followers on Twitter jumped on the Tweet, making references to ObamaCare’s troubled rollout in the U.S. But whatever the programs troubles stateside, Rouhani is apparently genuinely inspired by it.

The Iranian president said he plans to enact a national health care program by 2018 during his televised speech Wednesday, although he did not make the connection to the President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Rouhani said the expanded plan would not include immediate cash subsidies, but he called upon Iranians who are not in financial need of currently monthly entitlements to waive their payments for others.

In the past, some have been skeptical of the authenticity of Rouhani’s Twitter account and its posts.

During the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah this year, Rouhani Tweeted a greeting on his Twitter page that advisors later denied, claiming that Rouhani’s account is managed by those around him and not by the president himself.

Educated abroad, Rouhani is technologically savvy and makes use of multiple social media and Internet sites in communicating his messages.

He and other Iranian regime leaders still maintain harsh Internet crackdowns on the Iranian people who are often banned from pivotal sites such as Google and Facebook and even arrested for the content they post on their social media sites, including Twitter.