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Rittenhouse trial: Jury ends third day of deliberations without a verdict: LIVE UPDATES

Jurors in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial have resumed deliberations Thursday.


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Mysterious ‘jump kick man’ in Rittenhouse trial identified

The anonymous individual known as “jump kick man” throughout the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is 39-year-old Maurice Freeland, defense attorneys told Fox News on Thursday. 

Freeland could be seen on video at trial jumping and kicking Rittenhouse before the teenager fired two shots at him and missed. 

Rittenhouse testified that he fired the shots because he was afraid Freeland "would have stomped my face in if I didn't fire."

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Rittenhouse jury going home for the evening after third day of deliberations

The jury in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse left the courthouse around 4:10 p.m. CT on Thursday after the third day of deliberations. 

"You’ve certainly put in a full day and have asked to retire for the evening, which is fine,” Judge Bruce Schroeder told the jury. 

The seven women and five men have spent roughly 23 1/2 hours deliberating over the past three days, including lunch breaks. 

Judge Schroeder granted one juror’s request to take copies of the instructions home with them and noted that the 36 pages are complicated. 

"I don’t know about you guys, I watch a little TV in the morning and in the evening, and some of the greatest legal minds in the country, I’m delighted to say, agree with us that the instructions are very confusing,” the judge told the prosecution and defense. 

Defense attorney Mark Richards was hesitant about jurors taking the instructions home. 

"I’m afraid it’s going to be the old dictionary game and they start defining words and things like that, outside research. That’s my concern,” Richards told the judge. 

The jury requested copies of the 36-page jury instructions on Tuesday and entered the courtroom to briefly rewatch videos from the trial on Wednesday.

They'll report back to the courthouse at 9:00 a.m. CT on Friday.

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MSNBC claims staffer ‘never intended to contact’ Rittenhouse jurors, contradicting judge

NBC News said Thursday that a freelancer “never intended to contact” the Rittenhouse jurors, but did not deny that he may have been following the jury van on Wednesday evening. 

"Last night, a freelancer received a traffic citation. While the traffic violation took place near the jury van, the freelancer never contacted or intended to contact the jurors during deliberations, and never photographed or intended to photograph them. We regret the incident and will fully cooperate with the authorities on any investigation," an NBC spokesperson told Fox News Digital. 

Judge Bruce Schroeder said Thursday morning that the freelancer,  was following the jury van from about a block away at the direction of an MSNBC booking producer when he ran a red light and was pulled over. 

"He was ticketed for violating a traffic control signal, he’s not here today from what I’m told and I have instructed that no one from MSNBC News will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial,” the judge said. 

"This is a very serious matter and I don’t know what the ultimate truth of it is but, absolutely, it would go without much thinking that someone who is following the jury bus, that is an extremely serious matter and will be referred to the proper authorities for further action.” 

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Rittenhouse juror identities sealed by court

Federal prosecutor and legal commentator Neama Rahmani told Fox News Digital's Michael Ruiz on Thursday that "Rittenhouse juror identities have been ordered sealed by the court."

"That means jurors can’t be photographed or videotaped," he added.

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Female protester who was arrested appears to be affiliated with BLM

Shaquita Cornelious, the female demonstrator who was arrested outside the Kenosha County Courthouse on Wednesday, describes herself as co-chairperson of a Black Lives Matter chapter in Lake County, Illinois, her Facebook profile says.

The 34-year-old is facing charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and possession of marijuana, the Kenosha Sheriff's Department told Fox News earlier today.

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See the video behind Rittenhouse defense's push for mistrial

Fox News' Jonathan Hunt reports on the higher-quality video that is at the center of the Kyle Rittenhouse mistrial dispute.

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Judge bars MSNBC from entering Kenosha County Courthouse

Judge Bruce Schroeder has announced Thursday that staff from MSNBC will no longer be allowed inside the Kenosha County Courthouse following the incident in which a person was observed following a bus that the jury uses to get to and from the building. 

“I have instructed that no one from MSNBC news will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial. This is a very serious matter and I don’t know what the ultimate truth of it is, but absolutely it would go without much thinking that someone who is following the jury bus – that is an extremely serious matter and will be referred to the proper authorities for further action.” 

The man spotted following the bus identified himself as James J. Morrison – and told investigators he was instructed to follow the vehicle, Schroeder added. 

The judge said each day in the trial, the jury has been brought to the courthouse in a bus with covered windows. 

“Last evening a person who identified himself as James J. Morrison and who claimed that he was a producer with NBC News... and under the supervision of someone... in New York for MSNBC. The police when they stopped him because he was following in the distance of about a block and went through a red light, pulled him over and inquired of him what was going on and he gave that information,” Schroeder said. “He stated he had been instructed by [a supervisor] in New York to follow the jury bus.” 

The man was ticketed for violating a traffic control signal. 

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Mystery person seen following jury bus is taken into custody

The mystery person who was observed following a bus on Wednesday that transports the jury to and from the Kenosha County Courthouse -- and claiming to have been with NBC -- has been tracked down by police.

"Last night a person who is alleging to be affiliated with a national media outlet was briefly taken into custody and issued several traffic related citations," the Kenosha Police Department said in a statement. "Police suspect this person was trying to photograph jurors."

Police added that the investigation remains active and "there was no breach of security regarding the jury, nor were there any photographs obtained."

Judge Bruce Schroeder is expected to make a statement on this matter sometime this morning, according to Fox News' Jiovanni Lieggi.

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Mystery person follows jury bus, claims to have been with NBC

An unidentified individual was observed following a bus on Wednesday that transports the jury to and from the Kenosha County Courthouse.

That individual claimed to be with NBC – but the network spoke with police and said the person was not affiliated with them, according to Fox News’ Jiovanni Lieggi.

The development comes after the Wisconsin judge overseeing the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse announced last Tuesday that deputies had caught someone recording video of the jurors earlier in the day and would be taking new steps to ensure the incident did not happen again, in addition to ordering the person to delete the images.

Before the panel of jurors arrived for the proceedings, Judge Bruce Schroeder had revealed that someone was spotted filming the group.

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Kenosha Unified School District shifts schools to remote learning ahead of verdict

The Kenosha Unified School District, in a statement, says five schools have been shifted to remote learning through Friday "out of an abundance of caution due to the proximity of school boundaries to the courthouse and the number of students who walk to and from school."

"While we have not been advised of any existing imminent danger, we feel this is the best course of action to protect our students and staff during an uncertain time," read the statement obtained by Fox News' Garrett Tenney. "We will continue to work closely with law enforcement to receive support as needed in the days and weeks ahead."

Jurors are currently deliberating inside the courthouse Thursday.

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500 Wisconsin National Guard troops remain on standby ahead of verdict

The hundreds of Wisconsin National Guard troops ordered on standby ahead of a verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial have been observed by Fox6 staging in Waukesha County, around an hour away from the courthouse.  

“To protect operational security and ensure the safety of our troops, we will not confirm troop locations, timelines, or movements, but staging location decisions are made in consultation with officials from the local and state level to ensure we meet the capabilities requested of us,” the Wisconsin National Guard told Fox News’ Garrett Tenney in a statement Thursday. 

“Our staging locations are chosen for a wide variety of reasons ranging from distance, response time, access to major travel corridors, capacity to handle the number of troops mobilized, the ability to respond to multiple locations, if needed, and more,” the statement added. 

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Anti-Rittenhouse protestor body-slams reporter outside Kenosha courthouse, arrested for battery

One of the two protesters arrested outside the Kenosha courthouse – the man seen wearing a "F*** Kyle" t-shirt as officers took him into custody – is facing charges related to bail jumping, meaning he has a prior criminal record, Fox News Digital has learned. 

The 20-year-old male suspect, Anthony Chacon, has been charged with felony bail jumping, misdemeanor bail jumping, battery, resisting and disorderly conduct, Sgt. David Wright, a spokesman for the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department confirmed to Fox News Digital. 

The details of his prior arrests related to the bail jumping charges were not immediately available. 

A Fox News Digital reporter witnessed the male suspect, who was wearing a "F*** Kyle" black t-shirt, body-slamming a reporter, attacking a counter-protester and slapping multiple cameras before being arrested. 

A second suspect arrested Wednesday, 34-year-old Shaquita Cornelious, is facing charges of resisting, disorderly conduct, and possession of marijuana, Wright added.  

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Jury resumes deliberations in Rittenhouse trial

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Kenosha police put media, public on notice after Rittenhouse protests turn violent

The Kenosha Sheriff’s Department says the “media and the public have a responsibility to give space to law enforcement and allow them to perform their duties” after two people were arrested Wednesday following an “incident that occurred on the courthouse steps”, where protesters and counter-protesters have been gathering all week. 

A 20-year-old male was taken into custody for battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest while a 34-year-old female was arrested for disorderly conduct, the department said

A Fox News Digital reporter witnessed the male suspect body-slamming a reporter, attacking a protester and slapping multiple cameras before being arrested. 

“During the arrests law enforcement needed to deploy several officers to keep crowd of citizens and media from interfering,” the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department’s statement said.  

Jury deliberations are set to resume this morning for the third day. On Wednesday, Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team made another request for a mistrial after the jury asked to rewatch a video presented as evidence during the proceedings. 

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Rittenhouse jury ends second day of deliberations without reaching verdict

The jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial wrapped up deliberations on Wednesday without reaching a verdict and will return to the courthouse on Thursday to resume discussions.

The 12 jurors spent roughly 7 1/2 hours at the courthouse on Wednesday and rewatched video from the trial inside the courtroom for about 45 minutes. 

As jurors deliberated, the prosecution and defense spent hours debating the case in front of the judge. 

Defense attorney Corey Chirafisi asked the judge to declare a mistrial without prejudice, arguing that the defense received a low-quality version of key drone footage during the trial. 

Assistant District Attorney James Kraus argued that the difference in video quality was caused by a “technological glitch” when the footage was transferred from an iPhone to an Android phone. Judge Schroeder has not ruled on the mistrial request, but said Wednesday that the decision to include the enhanced drone footage was a "high-risk strategy by the state."

"I was queasy about this from the beginning and I’m only queasier about it now,” Judge Schroeder said. 

The contentious drone footage was rewatched by jurors inside the courtroom. It shows 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum chasing Rittenhouse before the teenager turned around and fired four shots at him at close range. 

The defense argued during the trial that Rosenbaum threatened to kill Rittenhouse and was trying to grab his gun, but prosecutors say that Rosenbaum was trying to stop Rittenhouse after the teenager waved his gun at a crowd. 

Jurors have deliberated for roughly 16 hours over two days with lunch breaks. The seven women and five men will report back to the courthouse on Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. CT for the third day of deliberations. -Paul Best

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