Teens create pizza ordering app called the Uber for pies

Love pizza?  You’ll love this new app.

Push for Pizza iPhone app takes all the fuss out of ordering pizza by creating a way to order a pie with the press of a button.

Created by five 19-year-old boys from Brooklyn, with help from a "responsible adult," according to the app's website, the app sounds like something a stoned teenager would come up with.  In fact, its promotional video plays up to that with some of the app’s creators sitting around weighing the pros and cons of ordering food late night.

I'm hungry.  I want pizza.  But I don’t want to order pizza. There should be something like Uber for pizza…what if we got off the couch and designed it ourselves?”

All you need to do is downloading the app, plug in your address and payment information one time, and the app will give you access to local pizza joints where ever you are. Instead of picking from a menu of options, you can choose from two staples: cheese or pepperoni. The pizza, delivery, and tip are all paid for before the delivery person arrives.

The founders call it "Uber for pizza," and TechCrunch has called it "Yo for food delivery."

We call it pretty cool.