Priciest wine ever sold for $350,000

The most expensive wine ever sold was just bought at a charity auction for $350,000. The 2015 cabernet sauvignon was created by celebrity winemaker Jesse Katz — the youngest person ever to become a head winemaker in the U.S.

The standard-size 750 ml bottle was blended for renowned Hollywood agent Shep Gordon — subject of Mike Myers’ 2013 documentary “Supermensch.” Gordon donated one of his bottles to the Emeril Lagasse Foundation’s Carnivale du Vin annual charity auction, where a private wine collector from Mississippi purchased the bottle with funding from a group of friends. The autographed bottle of Shep Gordon wine, called The Setting, includes a drawing of the agent.

According to The Drinks Business, Katz has a long list of elite clients. He created a custom wine for Broncos linebacker Von Miller, who gifted a bottle to every player in the AFC West for Christmas last year. Katz is also responsible for “Blue Ocean Floor” — a red blend featured at Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's wedding reception.

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The Emeril Lagasse Foundation supports causes related to children’s health and education. This year’s Carnivale du Vin raised over $1.5 million overall. The celebrity chef won a James Beard Humanitarian Award in 2013 for his work with the foundation.

The only other bottle of wine that has sold for more was a special imperial-sized bottle of cabernet savignon sold at a Napa Valley charity auction in 2000 for $500,000 but that bottle holds as much wine as 8 standard wine bottles so there is no comparison.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Meal.