James Bond legendarily likes martinis shaken, not stirred. Robert De Niro has much more detailed specifications as to how he prefers his tipple mixed.

Spies said more-than-explicit instructions were disseminated to staffers at a Tribeca Film Festival party just in case De Niro appeared.

At a bash celebrating the festival’s awards Thursday night at DL Rooftop on the Lower East Side, we hear that staff was given a full page that began: “Robert De Niro’s cocktail request.”

“Bob likes gin martinis,” the note further explained. “For those, we’ll need gin, cucumbers and stemmed martini glasses. The key is just to have chilled stemmed martini glasses.”

The instructions continue: “The bartender should muddle a cucumber in the shaker and then mix with ice and gin. He or she should then SHAKE like crazy, an extra 30-45 seconds past the way they teach you in bartending school, so that little frothy chips form.”

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