Los Tigres Del Norte Premier First Ever Regional Mexican MTV Unplugged

There may be tons of regional Mexican bands, but Los Tigres del Norte are proving that they are ‘Los meros mas meros,’ launching the first ever Regional Mexican MTV Unplugged concert, airing Sunday, May 22 at 8pm on MTV Tr3s.

To stir things up, Los Tigres invited some friends over – popular celebs whom they have collaborated with.

These include Colombian rock star Juanes, Diego Torres, Rene “Residente” Pérez Joglar from Calle 13, Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine, Andres Calamaro and new mommy Paulina Rubio, who debuted a single with Los Tigres called “Golpes en el corazón.”

“The fact that MTV asked us to be the first ever in our genre to do Unplugged is a motivation for us as people and as artists,” Hernán Hernández, who does vocals and electric bass for Los Tigres Del Norte, told Fox News Latino.

“We suggested bringing along some of our friends to join us. Besides being friends, these artists have a lot of influence in their respective music field. We wanted to reach a universal public,” he said.

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The Grammy award-winning band has quite the resume. The groups sings, performs, acts, produces and writes their songs as well.

“We think that all things come at the right time,” said Hernández. “We’ve had the opportunity to be in many movies and to act in them as well. We even produced a few of them.”

“This is the best time for us. The best moment,” he added. “Unplugged will open many doors for us.”

And indeed it has. The artists performing with Los Tigres have expressed a keen interest in future collaborations.

“Since the first rehearsal we felt the warmth and love,” Hernández said. “They expressed to us their enthusiasm to continue collaborating. We are very grateful to them.”

Hernández also reminisced on the journey that Los Tigres and La Chica Dorada, Paulina Rubio, had for “Golpes en el corazón.”

“Working with Paulina was something very special,” Hernández said. “Besides being the only female in Unplugged she didn’t ask for any conditions or demands. She just mentioned how she wanted to be a part of this for a long time.”

“She told us how that song was her favorite out of all of our songs,” added Hernández. “It is doing very well in places like Bolivia and Guatemala.”

Calle 13’s Rene Joglar was also extremely interested in working with the crew for quite some time. He didn’t hold back in expressing his ideas to Los Tigres.

“Rene is very direct but very humble,” Hernández said. “We have been singing about issues that affect the community, issues about the government and he sings about these things as well.”

Despite their different musical styles, this did not stop Joglar from remixing his favorite Tigres Del Norte tune.

“He told us that he wrote a rap to one of our songs,” Hernández recalls. “Then he politely asked if we could hear the song and give him our opinion. It’s a 1988 song called ‘America’ that we won a Grammy for.”

The song, which talks about immigration within the Mexican-American community, inspired Joglar. He particularly loved the part where Los Tigres say, “We are all American.”

Other collaborations include “Mi buena suerte,” with Diego Torres, “La mesa del rincón,” with Andres Calamaro and “La jaula de oro,” with Juanes.”

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