EXCLUSIVE: Kat De Luna Debuts "Dancing Tonight" Single Cover, Talks About International Stardom

Dominican pop star Kat De Luna spent the day at Fox News Latino filling us in on her international music success, her upcoming album, and her views on being a role model.

Despite the fact that her breakthrough album scored well, in European countries it dominated the charts at a much quicker pace.

“When I came out with 'Whine Up' in 2007, it was strange and good at the same time because it had a very distinct sound,” De Luna told Fox News Latino.

“I combined a lot of Euro house, which is really what Latin people listen to a lot, with a little bit of pop and a little bit of Latin.”

Like “Whine Up,” De Luna’s new single “Party O’clock” is popular in countries like France and Belgium, where her new album “Inside Out” has already hit stores.

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“The difference between the American album and the European album is that the European album is more funky and has a lot of dance beats,” says De Luna. “The American [version] has the Kat De Luna formula: Latin Worldly Pop.” It has a little bit more depth, and since my American fans love to hear me sing I put in a couple of surprises. One or two power ballads and a little bit opera.”

De Luna, who studied Opera for four years, is a first Soprano and says she enjoys mixing in Opera with her pop music genre.

“I try to incorporate Opera harmonies done by me,” she said. “Go to one of my shows and you’ll see.”

As a final note, Kat mentioned how she is proud of her Latina roots.

“I’m not only Dominican,” she says. “I am doing something bigger, something for all the Latinas worldwide. I know that when I walk in a room, I’m not only representing Kat De Luna -- I’m representing all the Latinas.”

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