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Around the World: Demonstrators, Security Forces Clash in Belgium

Protests over proposed austerity cuts turn violent in Brussels

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  1. Around the World: 12/2

    Chairs fly at riot in Argentina; women crash wedding and reveal surprise in Peru

  2. Foreign Invasion?

    Anheuser-Busch sold to Belgian beer giant for $52 billion

  3. Buried in the Rubble

    5-Story Building collapses in Belgium

  4. FOX Flashback # 5

    Hindenburg explodes, Germany attacks Belgium , V-E day, 1st American in space, Kent State massacre, 4-minute mile broken

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    Belgian man wakes from 23-year 'coma'

  6. Global Beauty: Styling Secrets

    Why do Belgian women have the loveliest locks? Check out international beauty tips for sexy, frizz free hair.

  7. 'Unfaithful to My Wife'

    Gov. Mark Sanford admits to having affair, resigns as chair of Republican Governor's Association

  8. Withdrawal

    Oliver North comments on U.S. troops leaving Iraq

  9. U.S. Strikes Down Deal With Iran

    Brother of American held in Iran reacts to State Department's refusal to negotiate with the rogue nation for release of U.S. hikers

  10. Break Out the Bubbly

    Ring in the New Year with sparkling cocktails

  11. Dangers of Splitting Pills

    Researchers warn of dosage inaccuracy

  12. A White Out Christmas

    Blizzard like conditions could hamper travelers in the Mid-West and

  1. Protests Turn Violent Over Austerity Cuts in Brussels

    EU Parliament member Daniel Hannan on financial crisis hitting Europe, Libyan conflict

  2. 'Operation Global Shield'

    World leaders focus on tracking materials used in IEDs

  3. Parental Advisory

    Luke Campbell offers advice to parents

  4. Greg-alogue: 6/14

    Belgium 'discovers' bikini-clad women make men impulsive

  5. Saturday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy reviews Radiohead's new album

  6. Around the World: 8/7

    Sea lion pup makes debut at Berlin Zoo; Georgia marks anniversary of war

  7. Dessert Trucks

    Sampling New York's finest dessert dealers

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