Pardoned leader says he dreams of Peru 'without bitterness'

Recently pardoned former president Alberto Fujimori has taken to Twitter to make his first public remarks following his release from a hospital in Peru's capital.

In two posts Saturday, Fujimori said he has spent the first hours of a new life chapter dreaming of a Peru "without bitterness."

He added that Peru will become a country that "regains its security and eliminates violence" if special interests are put aside.

Peru's former president was convicted in 2009 for his role in the killings of 25 people during his decade-long rule.

The pardoning of his 25-year-sentence by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski sent thousands of Peruvians into the streets in protest and has been condemned by human rights activists.

Fujimori previously issued a statement from the hospital apologizing to those Peruvians he disappointed.