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Heat, severe storms to roar back into north-central US by midweek

This weekend’s taste of September across the north-central United States will give way to a resurgence of heat, steamy air and severe weather by midweek.

As the high pressure responsible for ushering in this weekend’s cool air shifts eastward, the door will open for warmer and more humid air to surge northward on Tuesday.

Temperatures across the northern Plains on Tuesday are expected to soar 15 to 30 degrees above Saturday’s highs.

Sunday NC June 24

In Pierre, South Dakota, temperatures will swing from challenging the record low of 39 F on Saturday night to eclipsing the 90-degree mark on Tuesday.

Higher humidity will accompany the heat surge, further setting the stage for severe weather to erupt as a cold front dives into the northern Plains.

“Severe thunderstorms will initially fire in the central Dakotas late in the afternoon and evening of Tuesday,” AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Richard Schraeger said.

The violent thunderstorms may also ignite northward into far southern Manitoba and southward to central Nebraska. Locally stronger thunderstorms will erupt farther south to near the border of Texas and New Mexico.

“The severe thunderstorms may then continue eastward overnight through Minnesota and north-central Iowa,” Schraeger said.

Cities at risk from late Tuesday into Tueday night include Bismarck and Fargo, North Dakota; Pierre, Aberdeen and Sioux Falls, South Dakota; North Platte, Nebraska; and Minneapolis and St. Cloud, Minnesota.

The strongest thunderstorms will be capable of producing damaging winds and flooding, blinding downpours. There can also be some hail and an isolated tornado as the thunderstorms first ignite.

Motorists planning to travel on stretches of interstates 29, 35, 90 and 94 may face dangerous conditions for a time, including reduced visibility and a heightened risk of hydroplaning.

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As the surge of steamy air pours into the western Great Lakes on Wednesday, Schraeger is concerned the risk for severe weather will follow suite.

“The severe thunderstorms may weaken during the mid-morning hours of Wednesday but will have the potential to restrengthen by the afternoon across eastern Wisconsin and portions of northern Michigan,” he said.

Green Bay and Madison, Wisconsin, are among the communities facing the potentially damaging thunderstorms at midweek.

The severity of the thunderstorms as they reach Traverse City, Michigan, will depend on the influence of the cooler waters of Lake Michigan.

The danger for severe weather on Wednesday could also extend southwestward to around Omaha, Nebraska, and threaten the conclusion of baseball’s College World Series if a Game 3 is necessary.

Gusty and drenching thunderstorms may shift to the eastern Great Lakes on Thursday as the central Plains could be bracing for yet another round of severe weather.