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South central US: Severe weather, flood risk to end Easter weekend

The latest round of severe weather to threaten the central United States will target the southern Plains as this Easter weekend comes to a close.

Worse than spoiling outdoor holiday plans, the strongest thunderstorms will create hazards for residents and motorists and could cause some property damage.

The area at risk thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds, large hail and flooding downpours lies from western Texas to southeastern Kansas and southwestern Missouri.

An isolated tornado or two may also briefly touch down.

Sunday storms

The severe thunderstorms will erupt on Sunday afternoon and evening, following the drenching showers and thunderstorms that started Easter Sunday. The hazards will transition to a mostly flash flood threat overnight.

Those planning to spend the end of the holiday weekend outdoors should closely monitor AccuWeather MinuteCast® and weather radios and be prepared to seek shelter.

This includes residents and visitors in Springfield, Missouri; Wichita, Kansas; Tulsa and Lawton, Oklahoma; and Lubbock, Midland and Del Rio, Texas.

Holiday travelers along stretches of Interstates 10, 20, 35, 40 and 44 may face slower travel or have to safely pull over for a time.

In western Texas, the severe thunderstorms may be most numerous south of I-20. These thunderstorms will then cluster together and bring the threat of flash flooding, along with thunder waking up residents, to San Antonio, Austin and Laredo overnight.

Farther north, AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Richard Schraeger stated that the severity of the thunderstorms from Wichita, Kansas, to Springfield, Missouri, will be dependent on how much sunshine there is.

“If sunshine wins out over clouds, the atmosphere will rebound,” he said, “so residents will have to be ready for an additional round of severe thunderstorms with strong winds, hail and flooding.”

“The threat for severe weather will be less if clouds linger, but drenching rain and thunderstorms may still move through and lead to more localized flash flooding.”

SC Monday Overview April 16

The flood risk will be greatest where the ground is already saturated from storms earlier this weekend and/or where thunderstorms repeatedly occur.

Wichita was inundated with about 2 inches of rain Saturday night with the majority falling in one hour.

The thunderstorms that erupt in the vicinity of Wichita and Springfield will then progress eastward toward into southeastern Missouri overnight with potentially flooding downpours.

Showers and thunderstorms will continue to rattle the south central U.S. on Monday.

An isolated severe weather and flood risk will remain present. However, lightning will be the greatest danger from the majority of the thunderstorms. Disruptions to outdoor activities and flight delays may result.

Residents, however, should not let their guard down. Additional bouts of severe weather will follow this week.