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Heavy snow, wintry mix to mark April’s arrival across parts of northeastern US

A storm system is set to spread heavy, wet snow and some ice across New England Friday into Saturday, bringing a taste of winter back to the region as the calendar flips from March to April.

“The storm will create a messy travel situation Friday into Saturday from Albany, New York, eastward into Massachusetts and then northward into New England,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said.

Snow will be battling the late March sun angle during the daytime Friday which will likely keep most highway temperatures above freezing and wet. The best chance for accumulating snow will be on elevated and grassy surfaces during this time.

However, it will be a different story Friday night into early Saturday morning. Once the sun sets, an area of heavy snow across upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, western Maine, and Massachusetts will not take very long to accumulate on roadways and create dangerous travel.

New England Snow Map 3/31

“Ground and air travel delays across New England are more than likely Friday night and Saturday,” Pydynowski said.

The Green and White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire will have the greatest chance of receiving more than a foot of snow.

The worst travel will be on Interstate 87, I-89, I-91 and I-93 Friday night into Saturday morning but many roads, especially secondary roads, in the area will also have issues. Those who have travel plans should expect slow travel and delays, and will want to give themselves extra time or perhaps even consider canceling and rescheduling.

Farther south across southern New England, a battle between warm and cold air will take place and will lead to a wintry mix of precipitation, including sleet and freezing rain for a time.

This will cut into snow amounts but will still present dangerous conditions for motorists as roads can become slippery, especially at night.

New England Ice/Snow 3/31

Boston will be one place where warmer air aloft brings a mix of precipitation, but there can still be a slushy few inches by Saturday morning.

The heavy and wet snow could also cling to trees and power lines, resulting in power outages. Residents across New England will want to make sure their flashlights are in working condition in case this occurs.

While snow is not expected from New York City to Washington, D.C., a chilly rain will fall Friday into Saturday and may lead to travel delays.

“Travel delays will extend beyond the snow and ice area into New York City and places farther south due to heavy rain and low visibility,” Pydynowski said.

While the strongest storms are expected across the Southeast, there could be a few rumbles of thunder or even gusty thunderstorms that occur across Virginia. Occasional downpours may cause pooling of water on some roadways.

Dry weather is expected Sunday and most of Monday for the Northeast but an active pattern will keep the threat for rain and perhaps even more snow and ice in the forecast at times next week.