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Late week may yield snow opportunities for northeastern, midwestern US

Following a dramatic upswing in temperatures early this week, winter will attempt to make a comeback across a part of the midwestern and northeastern United States later this week in the form of snow.

Some communities in New York State and New England could go from experiencing highs in the 40s to near 60 F early this week to potentially shoveling snow before next weekend.

“Once a very potent cold front comes through at midweek, winds will howl and usher in much colder air into the Northeast,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson said.

The front and colder air will first sweep into the Great Lakes Monday night into Tuesday.

Midweek March 5 2017

The air following this front will pale in comparison to the arctic blast that caused Saturday to rank as one of the top-five coldest days in numerous Northeast cities, New York City included.

The cold may still touch off snow showers downwind of the Great Lakes and across the Northeast’s interior at midweek.

“We will see snow showers, but likely not to the extent of what we saw last week,” Anderson said.

Numerous multi-vehicle accidents occurred in Pennsylvania last Friday amid snow squalls. One person was killed.

However, Wednesday will not be free of travel concerns.

“The wind may be the biggest issue,” Anderson said. “There can be gusts of 50-60 mph near the Great Lakes and the higher terrain of the central Appalachians, so there could be whiteouts in the higher terrain right downwind of the eastern Great Lakes.”

Flight delays can result, while drivers of high-profile vehicles will face dangerous crosswinds.

Snow showers, squalls and slick travel can also result in northern Michigan.

Temperatures holding above freezing should lead to a mix of rain and snow and little, if any, accumulation on roads in the lower elevations of the interior Northeast on Wednesday.

Snow showers and squalls will then win out over rain showers downwind of the eastern Great Lakes at night as temperatures plummet.

With the colder air in place, attention will then turn toward a new storm set to emerge from the Rockies later in the week.

“There will be a division between very mild air to the south and cold air to the north across the Northeast and Great Lakes later this week,” Anderson said.

The storm could lay a swath of snow as it rides along that battle zone between winter and spring.

Late week snow March 5 2017

“We do feel that there is a potential for accumulating snow,” Anderson said. “Where that exact track sets up is uncertain at this time, but the potential is there for snow and poor travel conditions north of the storm track.”

Cities that could be shoveling snow later this week include Green Bay, Wisconsin; Buffalo, New York; and Boston.

On the other hand, it will definitely not feel like winter in Washington, D.C., and other communities out of the snowstorm.

“There will be a sharp temperature contrast from south to north with the late-week system,” Anderson said. “Temperatures could range from the 30s north of the storm to the 60s south.”

Fresh cold following the storm should sweep away this warmth and may even set the stage for yet another snow event for the Midwest and Northeast next weekend. This storm may track slightly more to the south than the late-week storm.