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Downpours to raise flash flood risk from Texas to Alabama

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Rounds of heavy rain will raise the flash flood risk across portions of the southern United States through the weekend.

The threat for flash flooding will be high despite the drought and wildfires that have plagued parts of the region.

A storm slowly emerging from Mexico will send significant rainfall across the South, AccuWeather Meteorologist Courtney Spamer said.

Waves of rain will expand from Texas to Alabama beginning on late Friday night and will continue through the weekend.

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Rainfall totals will generally amount to 3 to 6 inches into Tuesday. Higher amounts are possible over areas that sit under the most persistent downpours.

“From the Houston area and into western Louisiana, rain and thunderstorms will be heavy enough to dump up to 3 inches of rain on Saturday alone,” Spamer said.

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However, too much rain in a short amount of time can be hazardous.

“Flash flooding will remain a concern into early next week, likely to bring road closures as well as quickly rising creeks and rivers,” Spamer said.

Land that has been recently burned by wildfires will be most susceptible to flash flooding and possible mudslides. Charred plants and soil have a lower ability to absorb water, leading to excess runoff.

Motorists should use extra caution on area interstates, where downpours can reduce visibility and heighten the risk of hydroplaning.

“With the rain being heavy in nature, some air travel delays are also possible,” Spamer said.

Severe thunderstorms threaten to pose an additional hazard over part of the region.

Parts of southern and southeastern Texas will face the greatest threat for thunderstorms capable of damaging winds, hail and even a few tornadoes on Saturday.

Dry and tranquil conditions will return to the region by the middle of next week before a new storm arrives at late week.