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Germany: Heavy thunderstorms to trim heat early next week

Relief from the heat building across Germany will come early next week, due to heavy thunderstorms in the region.

Early next week, a cold front is set to slice into the heat and humidity that will send temperatures soaring to 28-31 C (82-88 F) across most of Germany on Sunday. AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures will approach or crack 32 C (90 F) in many southern areas.

The steamy air will be trimmed in a northwest-to-southeast fashion with relief coming first to Cologne and Bremen on Monday. Highs from 22-24 C (71-76 F) will be common in northwestern Germany to start the new week.

Southern and eastern Germany will have to wait until after a stormy Monday for temperatures and humidity levels to fall on Tuesday.

Some of the thunderstorms will become heavy and strong, especially across Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria on Monday afternoon and evening. Flooding downpours, damaging winds and small hail will be produced by a localized number of the thunderstorms.

Residents of Stuttgart, Munich and Nuremberg are urged to monitor AccuWeather MinuteCast® and seek shelter when the thunderstorms threaten.

The threat for the strongest thunderstorms will be on a more isolated nature in Würzburg, Leipzig, Berlin and Dresden.

Even in the absence of flash flooding, any downpours will create hazards for motorists by reducing visibility and heightening the risk of vehicles hydroplaning when traveling at highway speeds.

Monday night into Tuesday, the heavy thunderstorms will likely evolve into a band of drenching showers and thunderstorms across southern Germany. More interruptions to outdoor plans and travel delays are possible.

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While the danger of damaging winds and hail should wane, AccuWeather meteorologists will be monitoring the potential for a continued risk of flash flooding.

The soaking will also contribute to temperatures on Tuesday being held 7-14 degrees Celsius (12-25 degrees Fahrenheit) below Monday's highs in Stuttgart and Munich.

Cool air will stream across all of Germany at midweek as scattered showers and less-intense thunderstorms rumble.