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Soaking showers, storms to delay travel and disrupt activities across western US

A storm system will slowly trek across the western U.S. through this weekend, bringing daily showers and thunderstorms that can slow travel and disrupt outdoor Mother's Day activities.

This storm reached California on Thursday and will only cross over one time zone by Sunday. In most circumstances, a storm can move from coast-to-coast in the same amount of time, making the impacts slow to depart.

Showers and thunderstorms with this system unleashed localized flooding and small hail to parts of California on Thursday.

Pockets of heavy rainfall will persist across the West from Friday through Sunday, and thunderstorms can continue to bring hail to some communities. Although, rainfall will not be widespread and each day will not be a complete washout.

Phoenix, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Cedar City, Utah; and Grand Junction, Colorado; are among the cities and towns that will be affected into Sunday.

"Because of the nature of this entire event, precipitation amounts will be highly variable," AccuWeather Western U.S. Weather Expert Ken Clark said.

"However, any shower and thunderstorm can contain heavy downpours, heavy enough to cause temporary, low-lying ponding of water," Clark warned.

As many people will travel to celebrate Mother's Day, rain can make roads slippery due to the mixture of water and oild buildup. Increase travel times through the weekend are possible as a result. The threat of low-lying flooding could cause longer delays in some communities.

Motorists should remain aware of rapidly deteriorating visibility and road conditions.

Locations that sit under the heaviest downpours will face an enhanced flash flooding threat as well as the risk for mudslides, especially in recent burn scar areas.

"The threat for showers and storms will shift largely out of California by Mother's Day, but those heading out to brunch Sunday morning in places such as Salt Lake City will have to prepare to get damp from a shower or thunderstorm," AccuWeather Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said.

Folks that plan to gather outdoors for activities should be aware of the threat for dangerous lightning across the region. If you hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning and should immediately seek shelter inside an enclosed building.

On a positive note, people in the Desert Southwest will not have to contend with scorching heat for any outdoor Mother's Day gatherings. High temperatures on Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, will be around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. On average, temperatures in those two cities in early May are in the lower 90s and middle 80s, respectively.

This storm system will finally get a push eastward by Monday with more settled weather expected to start next week.

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