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2016 Election: Mostly dry weather ahead for Saturday's primaries, caucuses

With Super Tuesday now in the rearview mirror, the focus of the 2016 Presidential Election season will shift to this weekend.

On Saturday, March 5, voters in Kentucky and Maine will head to the polls to choose a candidate for the Republican nomination, while those in Nebraska will focus their effort on the Democratic candidates. Residents of Louisiana and Kansas will cast votes for candidates from each party.

Prior to the Iowa caucuses, 70 percent of readers polled by AccuWeather said inclement weather would not deter them from voting. While this weekend's polling activity will take part in five different locations across the Midwest, South and Northeast, dry weather is expected for almost every state.

Kansas caucuses

Pleasant weather conditions are forecast across Kansas to start the weekend with warmer air and a good deal of sunshine ahead on Saturday, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Edwards.

"Afternoon high temperatures across the state will range from the near 60 degrees Fahrenheit across the north to near 70 F near the Oklahoma border. No precipitation is expected," Edwards said.

Kentucky Republican caucus

Partly sunny weather is expected across the western part of Kentucky, but those heading to the polls across the eastern half of the state will want to have an umbrella ready.

"There can be a few showers across the eastern half of the state, but precipitation should be light enough not to cause any travel issues," Edwards said. "High temperatures will range from the middle 40s F across the northeast part of the state to near 60 in western Kentucky."

Louisiana primary

Louisiana residents can look forward to sunny, warm and dry conditions across the state with no weather-related travel problems expected, Edwards said.

High temperatures will generally be in the middle 70s, he added.

Maine Republican caucus

Chilly air will be felt throughout Maine although it should be mainly dry with sunny skies thanks to high pressure staying in control, Edwards said.

"Afternoon high temperatures will rise into the lower 20s across the north and the lower 30s across the south," Edwards said.

Nebraska Democratic caucus

High pressure will lead to a beautiful day for travel with plenty of sunshine across Nebraska, according to Edwards. However, there will be some gusty winds during the afternoon.

"High temperatures will range from the middle 50s across eastern Nebraska to the middle 60s in the western part of the state," he said.

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